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Welcome to JCWC

We are dedicated to crafting exceptional, sustainable electrical fittings. Our unique designs and fine workmanship bring joy to those who encounter them. We pride ourselves on our commitment.

We strive to merge form and function while promoting sustainability. Let's transform your dream space into a reality.

trä Verkstad

Exquisite Mastery

We believe that the parts of a home that we use every day should not only be functional, but also bring joy and pleasure. That's why we focus on crafting exceptional electrical fittings that seamlessly blend with the natural world, creating a lifestyle of extraordinary living in perfect harmony and elegance. Our designs incorporate organic and elegant elements into your living space, nurturing your well-being and elevating your daily experiences, bringing you even more happiness and fulfillment. Let us collaborate with you, whether you're an architect, designer, or homeowner, to transform your dream space into a reality that embodies luxury and sustainability. With the commitment to quality and after-sales service, embodied in our heritage warranty, we stand behind all of our products and ensure that they will function reliably for generations to come.

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